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At Winkelmans Gun Dogs we strive to purchase good quality, healthy parents to use in our breeding program, and see that all puppies are well socialized, vaccinated on schedule, and we offer a 12 month health guarantee.

We started out our breeding program back in early 1990. We run a family based kennel and all of our family enjoys the sport of hunting. Our days consist of being outdoors with the dogs 7 days a week and take pride to give each and everyone of our dogs and pups the most attention we can provide. We alternate our dogs in doors everyday. Each dog gets turned atleats 2-3 times a day to run on our 4 acre property when we don’t have visitors. We believe no dog should be stuck in their kennel with out excerice, socialization, and playtime with other dogs! We work very hard to have our dogs trained to their best potential. All of our dogs are either a finished bird dog or working towards it.

We have retired, finished, and started dogs for sale from time to time. Please visit our “Started and Finshed Dogs” page.

We offer field training here at our property. We generally like to start the dogs out at 6 months old. It usually takes 2 months depending on how fast the dogs pick ups on things. We charge $750 a month plus birds. The dog would be housed here for the training period and allow the owner to come visit and see the progress the dog is making. We provide the food unless the dog requires a special diet then we ask that you provide it. Proof of vaccination and rabies is required at the time of drop off.

We raise game birds here at our facility and also sell them to the public for dog training. We have pheasants, quail, and pigeons. If you are interested please contact us.

Thanks for visiting our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on pups, knowledge on different bird dog breeds, or any other question you may have.

Scheduling a visit or puppy pick up:

Please contact us to set up a time. We live on the premises and have to limit our visiting hours due to the time that it takes to properly care for our dogs and pups. We dedicate a huge part of the day tending to the kennel so we close our gate to let the dogs run around and socialize with the others.  The dogs know their schedule and we try very hard to keep them on it or boy do they let me hear about it! We also set a certain amount of time each day just for training. Please respect our privacy and once you have a scheduled a visit please be on time. We also have a family life and schedule our things around appointments so if your late it sometimes interfere with things we need to do after your visit. Please call if you are going to be more then 15 minutes late. We know sometimes it is out of your control due to traffic if you are traveling a distance.  

Teaching a brittany to swim at 6 wk’s


We feed all our Dogs and Puppies Native Dog Food.
Also, we are local Dealer.

For The Best German Shorthaired Pointer, Brittany’s, English Setters, Golden Retrievers and Labs call us at 815-871-8687 or fill out our online contact form.

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