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Golden Retrievers

Here are some pictures of our gorgeous golden. Some are from days after we picked her up, and some are more recent.

We just call her Deja, but her full AKC name is Winkelman’s Heavenly Deja Vu. I hope you can see her “angel wings” on her back. She’s just absolutely awesome, and we love her so much. She’s so smart, so beautiful, and has really made us both very happy

The Legge Family

Winkelman’s Heavenly Deja Vu

Hi Daisy,
Just wanted to let you know my puppy is doing great! I have named her Charlie Foxtrot. She has had all of her shots and now enjoys walks and coming to work with me. She has a great personality – very sweet and silly and not afraid of anything except loud noises. Her adult fur is coming in curly, and it seems like she will be a smaller-sized golden, exactly what I wanted! Attached are some photos.

Thanks so much and happy New Year!

Charlie Foxtrot


Good morning!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for working with us in buying a puppy! We couldn’t be happier with her! She is SO intelligent and sweet….we named her California May…Cali for short! :0)


Kind regards,
Heather Willand

PS- Some picks of Cali May- she’s growing so quickly!
One of Cali’s favorite things to do- wrestle with the ball in the backyard


Thank you for our beautiful puppy. We named her Winkelmans Liberty Bella we call her Libby. She is so sweet and silly, we could’nt be happier.

The Williams Family



We got our Golden from you in December 2008. We love him so much! He is so sweet and friendly. So glad we found you and have him as a part of our family. Thanks!



Hi Daisy,

We wanted to send you some pictures of Sadie from your 6-26-09 litter. She is doing extremely well since we brought her home.

Enjoy the pictures and know that she is an amazing puppy!

Sara and Rich Baird


Hi Daisy,

Hope your holiday’s were wonderful! Wanted to share a few updated pictures of Sadie with you and your family.

She is doing so well. At 6 months she is about 35 pounds and healthy as can be. She loves all types of weather, but snow seems to be her favorite. We got about 18 inches in one day and she had a blast!

Sadie enjoys running outside in the backyard or at the off leash dog park. She has made tons of new friends at doggy daycare and will be starting some classes soon. Overall, her temperment is great and she is such a joy to have as a member of our family. Rich may start working with her on pheasant hunting. She will love it!

Take care!



Hi Daisy,

Here is an update of our golden retriever pup that we got from you in September. We named him Bo. He is a sweet little boy and growing so big. He has a great personality and is very trainable.

I’ve attached some picks. He’s getting very red and curly.


I just I’d give you an update on Brandy. My husband loves her (we both do), and she goes to work with him everyday. Everybody she meets, just want to hold her, and says how beautiful she is. She loves our other dogs too. Especially the weimeriner, Remington. She follows him everywhere. She really loves the snow, she runs around, making a path with her nose, and rolls around. We enjoy having her so much.

Everytime my dad calls me from Chicago, he asks if we want to give her back, because he would take her. She just melted his heart.

I’m sending you a few pictures of her.

Take care,
Michelle Zeek


Hello Daisy, how are you doing? I hope all is well. I am always looking at your web site to look at the new pups.This is our boy Miller. He is such a good puppy. We could not be more happy. He is such a playful little guy. Him and Harley are the best of friends. Thanks so much Daisy for the great addition to our family. In these pics he is 5 months old and doing so well. Harley is such a big brother to him, watching every step he makes. You can already tell Harley will never let anything ever happen to this little guy as long as he is around.


Hi! I just watched to let you know that Dakota is doing great. She is already huge and incredibly beautiful and clumsy. She gets comments all of the time on her beautiful color and face. She learned sit in the first week we had her and is just incredibly smart in general. She gets to go to the dog park everyday and plays with every type of dog from teacup dogs to great danes (which is hilarious). She is so lovable, out going, and loyal. We will send you pictures soon. Thank you for the puppy!

Laura Eisenmenger


I just wanted to give you an update on Evee. She has conformed to becoming a princess very well!! If it’s warmer than 80 outside she won’t go out for very long, unless she is swimming with Rob in the pool. We have started to train her to hunt and she loves it!! She met her first toad the other day and snatched it up before I could get to it and she soon realized the wrath of a toad!! 😉
She has brought so much joy not just to us but our friends and family!! She is very sweet and very smart!! She has become the team mascot for both of the boys baseball teams.
Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to have her!!

Suzie Offen

Hi Daisy! I just wanted to send you an update so you could see how Atticus (from Bear and Jake’s late Dec litter) is doing now that he’s a little over five months old. He is such a sweet boy, he’s my little buddy. He’s tons of energy, he runs like the wind and he’s obsessed with soccer balls. He is sometimes naughty but he gets a little less naughty every day. He is just the world to me and I love him to pieces. And now that he’s grown out of the super nippy phase my daughter loves him more and more too. She was his chew toy for a while but we’ve grown past that now. 😉 If you ever need a reference by all means feel free to let me know. He’s so smart that every day he does something that amazes me. I hope I don’t jam up your email box with so many pics at once. Feel free to use any of them on your site if you want. He’s my little super model. J

Best Wishes,
Jamie Wilson



Jack and I are living large in Nevada. He has been extraordinarily easy to train and always goading me to play after I come home. I love this little guy and wouldn’t trade him for the world! Ive attached some pictures of Jack. Enjoy!


Aaron Burton

Hey Daisy,

My Name is Jordan Steep I got a puppy from you back in December of 2010 and I just wanted to let you know how he’s doing. I named him Henry and he was a little bit of a handful at the beginning but he’s really turned out to be the best dog we have ever owned. This was his first hunting season and he’s been doing great! Everybody who meets him asks me where I got him or they want to take him. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime!

Thank You,

Jordan Steep

Hi Daisy,

Just wanted to update you on how our puppy is doing. We named her Winkelman’s Charlotte BearJake and we call her Charlie. She is about 15 weeks old now, and weighs around 17 pounds. She is very healthy and happy. She’s quite social, especially with other dogs and children. Also very smart and obedient. We both love her very much and she has been a great addition to our family.

Thanks again,

Nate & Audra VanRaden


Hello Daisy,

Our family purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from you in January (your Nov 10 litter). We choose the orange collar female – her name is Zoey!

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with Zoey! In addition to her beauty, she is a great dog and a wonderful addition to our family.

We have been attending puppy training classes since she was 10 weeks old. She loves other dogs and people. We just had her spayed 2 weeks ago and she did great!

She is crate trained. However, since her surgery, we have not been using the crate and she seems to be doing very well with her big pillow bed.

She enjoys riding in the car. She eats everything in sight when she is outside and she has a HUGE fear of garbage trucks and/or any large loud vehicles.

Just wanted to share some pics with you along with our gratitude!

Would love to see pictures of your purple collar pup – the one you kept! Hope she is doing good as well.

Scott and Janice Stone


imageJust wanted to let you know the golden pup we bought from you is a real performer! I am in south Dakota waterfowl and pheasant hunting with her.

Thanks again

German Shorthaired Pointers

From the moment Harley walked through our front door, he’s been a key part of our busy family. With three kids, we needed an athletic dog who could keep up with us, and after much research, we settled on the GSP. I found pics of Winkelmans dogs on the web, and I found “Harley”.
Since adding him to our family, he’s been everything we could have asked for and more. He’s handsome, intelligent, up for a swim, a run, a hike or a ride in the car (with the top down). In short, he’s amazing. When we add our next GSP, Winkelmans will be our choice. Thanks, Daisy!!!

Ron De Jong, Chesapeake, VA



Hi Daisy!

I don’t know if you remember or not but we bought a male pup from you last September. Just wanted to share some pictures 🙂 Remi is such an awesome pup. Very energetic and curious 🙂 we have 60ish acres of woods that he loves to explore/hunt in. He also loves to play with/round up the cattle:) He has a sister, an 8 year old olde English bulldog and they love each other 🙂 never had any issues with Remi aside from an allergic reaction when he got his first shots from the vet. I just recently had a baby boy on May 9th and Remi loves to give him kisses. Thank you so much and enjoy the pictures!!

Caitlyn Voitkovsky




Thank you very much for boomer my dog that I purchased from you over the summer. He is such a great dog that loves water and retrieving. 2 weeks after I took him home boomer broke his leg falling off the deck… The vet gave me two options have the surgery or wait it out. I let him wait it out 3 wk’s after he was fully recovered it was the fastest healing leg they have ever seen. Thank you for the wonderful dog.

Josh Smith

Hi, Daisy! Just wanted to let you know that Rosie has been the best little puppy. She just loves people and has left an impression on many. Rosie has caught on quickly to training… the girl will do anything for a tennis ball. She looks forward to playing at the dog park, going on three miles runs (although she is quite capable of going even further), and visiting her pals at doggie day care. After the loss of my German Shepherd I didn’t think it was possible to love another dog as much, but Rosie has been the sweetest little pup that I had no trouble falling in love all over again. Thank you again for being such a thorough breeder who prepares the dogs long before they are handed over to their new families. Here are a few pics of Rosie…

Thanks again!
Leslie Schaeffer & Rosie


I just thought I’d share a few pictures of our dog we bought from you in May of ’08. His name is Hogan and he was the runt of his litter. He has been a tremendous bird dog and member of our family. He is the most loyal dog i have ever seen and is truly my best buddy. The pictures were taken in early December at a hunting preserve in Wisconsin. One is of Hogan and my brothers Drahthaar and the other is of me and Hogan.

Happy Holidays,


How are you guys?

This is Aaron Bunch, I bought a Pointer from you last year, around Sep 1st I think?? Oh well, sorry it took me so long to send pictures, but here’s some very recent ones from today.

I named him simply Max, I still haven’t registered him AKC yet I’ve been procrastinating but I will!

My wife and I absolutely love him, he’s the best dog I’ve ever owned. I haven’t been running with him too much, since he is still growing but I do run with him and no matter how far we go he wants to keep going, we’ve even hiked mountains around KY together, up to 15 miles! He’s a beast. His temperment is great, not aggressive but very confident and strong. He never backs down to other dogs at the park, not even Mastiffs, and Great Danes he’s the boss =)

I think he’s a dead ringer for coco he looks just like her, but with his sire’s head. He kept his white chest, but otherwise is perfectly liver. He is coming up on 8 months and weighs about 60lbs


Aaron and Aeriel Bunch


Up date 5/12/10

How’s everything going? I referred my brother in law to you guys he wants to get a GSP. He is very interested. We went hiking today 14 miles, I’m attaching two pics of us with Max, who is definitely the fastest dog I’ve ever owned! Take it easy and always keep us in mind for breeding.

Aaron Bunch


Hey Daisy

It’s Jason Hamburg. Just thought I’d let you know that Tucker ran in a Navhda Natural Ability test today. It was obviously his first test but also my first time handling. Overall he did very well. We scored a 96 outta 112. The only major issue we had came during the water portion of the test. Unfortunately I couldn’t get him to go in the after the bumpers so we had to use dead birds. Good news is that he went right in after the birds. That resulted in a 10 point deduction otherwise we woulda scored 106! Just thought you may want to know. Hope all is well.


First and foremost, thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase a GSP from you. We could not have asked for more from you. Rebel is doing absolutely amazing in all his training and growing. We cannot
believe how fast he’s growing. At six monthes he already ways 52lbs. From the pictures I think you will see he resembles his dad Max. He loves to swim and run for anything we throw his way. Truly a great retriever already. Here are some pictures.

Thanks again for amazing GSP,
Dustin and Kara


Hey Daisy

My name is Tim, I bought a GSP from you in December. They parents were Muddy Maggie and Hollywood Special. You asked me to let you know how the pup is doing. He is doing great, at home and in the field. Great hunting instincts, and very trainable. The dog is very even-keeled, he knows when to be a dog and when it is time to get down to business. I was able to get him out a lot for his first three months, which helps, but he is better then I could ever imagine. Thank you. Any questions regarding his training, or homelife I would be more then happy to answer.

Hi Daisy,

Just wanted to give you some updates on the little runt female, whom Corey and I have named Breeley. Breeley is doing great and just growing like a weed these past few weeks. It seems like she is going to be one tall little girl as her legs seem to grow a lot faster than the rest of her body so I think we can put to rest any worries that she will not acheive her full normal growth! About a week and a half ago she had her first veterinary visit and was extremely well behaved and brave. Breeley didn’t even bat an eye when getting her shots or getting her temperature taken lol The veterinarian says she is in perfect health and has no physical irregularities. She has never once gotten carsick and actually, one of her favorite things to do is ride in the car because the car is where she does her best sleeping! Breeley is also incredibly smart (but of course you had already known that), she “points” at her toys naturally with no cues from us, was responding to the “sit” command consistently by her 10th week, and is also pretty good at playing fetch. She is a real sweetheart and is friendly to everyone she meets, however she is a bit attention needy and hates when we leave her for more than 5 to 10 minutes but day by day she becomes a little more adventurous on her own so we’re hoping her seperation anxiety will cease eventually. Other than that, everyone agrees that she is an extremely gorgeous pup. One of her features that people notice right off the bat are her beautiful greenish/amber colored eyes. Taking her on walks is also fun, the other day a lady actually turned her car around in the middle of the street so that she could park in the parking lot we were walking by and ran over to pet Breeley lol

I’ll send you more updates and pics when I get a chance, hope all is well!


Daisy – I thought you would appreciate an update on our shorthair we picked up a week ago Thursday. Other than the fact his feet do not touch the ground that often he is doing very well. He has been to the girls cross country meet and today he watched his first softball game. He was the crowd favorite at both.

He has convinced mom to let him sleep in the bed at night and has her trained to let him out each night at 3am. Needless to say he is already quite spoiled and fitting in nicely.

Thank you again.

Chip & Shannon

gabipointHi Daisy,

My husband Matt and I purchased a female GSP from you last August and I wanted to share a recent picture with you. Knowing my husband he has already sent it to you, but just in case here it is. She is such an amazing hunter, and a truly wonderful family dog. We will definitely consider getting another dog from you in the future. We just love her so much!

Thanks again-

Jamie Skovran

Hi Daisy,

I just wanted to let you know we got the puppy home just fine and she is adjusting very well. She did great the last two nights and whimpered only when she needed to go out to the bathroom. Your “doggy door” technique must work very well because she has gone to the bathroom 90% of the time outside! Our other dog, Viggo the vizsla, is still trying to figure her out. He plays with her now and again but mostly just wants attention from us for himself (actually pretty typical for him…). They will be best buds in no time though, I’m sure. She’s already fetching and retrieving her toys with us! I can’t wait to get her a bit bigger and get her fetching out in the parks here. Her personality is coming out more and more as she plays with us.

We decided on a name on the car ride home: Elsa. It’s a German name (hence the breed) and also the lion from one of our favorite movies: Born Free.

Thank you again and I will keep you updated on her progress!

Update 6/4/13

Hi Daisy,

It’s great to hear from you. I was just thinking about emailing you an update on Elsa. We were just out at the Lakewood dog park yesterday in Lake County. It’s 60+ acres of fields and wooded trails. Viggo (our vizsla) and her had a great time running around and playing fetch. She is quite the bundle of energy, but it’s nothing we aren’t used to having a 4 year old vizsla. She has also ended up to be a very “snuggly” dog – which is something my wife very much appreciates. We’ve had her out on the trails a few times already hiking and she does great! We get so many compliments at the dog park about how pretty she is. I show folks pictures of her parents Holly and Nitro and they understand why…
Cheers, Sam

PS here are two pics of Elsa
(she’s about 30+ pounds now and 3/4 of Viggo’s height)


Hi Daisy!

3Not sure if you remember me or not but I bought a German short haired pointed from you back in 2012. I know its been a while but I wanted to send you some pictures of him so you can see how he has grown! He has been just an amazing dog and even better companion! Winchester will be 4 at the end of March, seems crazy to me that he’s already 4! Winchester gets lots of compliments when we go out for our walks/runs. I hope all is well with you and your family!

I can’t thank you enough for giving me such an amazing dog to enjoy my life with. I honestly have no idea how my life would be without him in it.
Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂 (I have them from when he was a puppy up until now)

Thank you always,
Shelbie Collett


IMG_20120331_181932Hello Daisy,

Very happy customer!!!

Its hard to believe that it has been ten months since we picked up Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown. They are now known as Linus and Charlie, and both have been a welcome addition to our family.

On our many excursions, we have received many compliments from people about the looks and behavior of both the dogs and someone mentioned whether we studded our dogs out.

Thanks again for such wonderful dogs,


Hi Daisy,

Just wanted to quick send you an update on Bella. She is getting so BIG! We have been busy around here. The end of the school year is always so hectic for me! Our daughter graduated a few weeks ago and now we are planning her party. So the rest of family and friends can finally meet our Bella. She is doing good. She loves going for walks and playing with our son’s 2 dogs. I’m looking forward to spending the summer with her as I’m off from School. She already is enjoying us being home 24/7!!

She has brought us so much joy already! WE love her!

Talk to you soon,




I bought a female Brittany on Sept. 25th. She is doing great. She is really a smart dog. Seemed housebroke from day one. Swimming came so naturally. She is already retriving. Endless energy. I am really happy.

Rick Pappas
Fontana, WI


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new pup. Jack is doing great and he is having a blast with his new best friend Lacey. He does show good instincts and it’s been a lot of fun hiding pheasant wings in the yard and watching them sniff them out. We think he is part gopher because he loves to squeeze under or through any tight spot he can find. If anyone is looking for a Brittany or any other of the bird dogs you sell I would highly recommend you and your dogs. Winkleman’s Gun Dogs is a top notch breeder with quality dogs.

Thanks again
Fred Sundstedt


4/25/10 Update

Hi Daisy,

It’s been a while since you got a Jack (Tank) update. He’s doing great. Here are few pictures. As you can see he still loves water, whether its straight from the fridge or in the form of mud. And he has also figured out how to keep an eye on the cat through the pet door. He and Lacey are still having a great time playing together. Thanks again.


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Hi Daisy,

015Just e-mailing to tell you that we could not be happier with our new puppy! He is extremely intelligent ,loving, and playful. He is by far (no offense to our other dog!) the smartest dog we have ever had. We have only had him for two weeks but he catches on to commands remarkably fast. I am always working on new ways to challenge him. So far Charlie has learned”come” (with a single hand clap), “sit” (I put my hand at an angle while I say this), “up” (my hands arched), lay “down” (right hand pat on the floor), “shake” (my right hand held out flat), kiss” (I make a kiss noise w/the word and he will give a single kiss), and of course “no bite” which all puppies do! For this I hold two fingers on my right hand up. It is awesome that he recognizes the hand signals, that way the kids can do them too, and he listens! We are currently working on stay which he is doing great with. I would say he is about 95% potty trained, accidents are very few and far between, he typically goes to the door and whines. All of this in only two weeks! He has all of those commands down consistently w/o any confusion. He learns so fast and seems to truly enjoy being challenge. He is also great so far about staying on the property, I just say “yard”. At first he liked to explore but our other dog has been great about being an example to him for this. Once he is a little older we will start him on some hunting exercises. He has an amazing nose on him and tracks meat like it is nothing! We hope you continue breeding dogs for a long time to come. The quality in how you raise your dogs is excellent and we will definitely be recommending you and hopefully purchasing our next dog from you when we feel the time is right. I have attached a picture of Charlie with our other dog and the kids (whom he loves!)


Hi Daisy –

We purchased a Brittany from you in July, 2011 and wanted to let you know that she is an amazing pet/companion. We often think she was already trained prior to us picking her up at 8 weeks old.

Her natural instict was apparent from the first day we had her at home. When outside she will give you everything she has for as long as needed. The vet calls her the ‘tank’ because of her muscle structure and ability to get in and out of the thick stuff where the birds hide. When done working in the field and back inside the house all she wants is to be close to those around her. I believe you told us we were getting the hunter side of dad and lover side of mom – you were exactly correct on both.

Our only regret at this point is that we waited this long to purchase a Brittany from you ~

Thanks Daisy!

Dave and Jeni

(dave shogren)


10-6-12poserHello there. This is Mary O’Brien (David’s wife) We got Daisy from you in February. Just thought I’d share what a beautiful dog Daisy has become. She is almost 10 months now and starting to grow up. I forgot what it was like having a puppy…..very trying, but she’s coming out of it now and our daughter Olivia and her are best of friends. Olivia calls Daisy her sister and she even fights with her like a sister……Mama, Daisy is buggggin me!!!” LOL
Hope you’re doing well.



I know it’s been a while, but just wanted to thank you for the damn good experience with my pup. Brittany the Brittany has been a perfect companion for me. Great to see how quickly she catches on, it’s very evident she has a good background. As I am new to the hunting dog scene, it’s amazing to see the instinctive behavior she has…I was very pleasantly surprised!! I will jump on your webpage soon and leave a good testimonial, you guys deserve it! A close friend has a German shorthair (Loki) just a couple months older than Brittany. We spend a lot of time together and the sisters get along beautifully. It’s awesome to watch them work together!

Keep up the good work, I will refer you guys to anyone interested. Below are a couple pics of the little shit…I mean that in a good way. Thanks again for your help, it means a lot!

Nick P.

English Setters

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know the Setter I purchased from you “Allie” is a great dog, Linda and I are so happy with her, and I think she will be a super hunter.


Hey Daisy,
We got an English setter puppy from you in late July after losing our English setter Copper. She was the quirky puppy from Butter Scotches litter and got stung from a bee the day we picked her up. I can’t begin to tell you how much she has healed and helped us. We named her Remi and she is the smartest dog we have ever had. Rick, my daughter, and myself were devastated by the loss of Copper but Remi brought some healing into our lives, plus we still had Lady our 8 yr old Golden Retriever who quickly became her best friend and 3 cats. Six weeks after we lost Copper, we lost our 19 year old cat Nala, which we kind of expected, but then 6 weeks after that, we totally unexpectedly lost Lady. She became very sick over the course of the weekend and we had to put her down. The veterinarian specialist diagnosed her with Myasthenia Gravis. It was the most horrible months we had ever been through, but Remi made everything just a little bit brighter. That has been how our fall has went, so now we are trying to heal from our losses. Now that Remi is getting older (she just turned 8 months on Friday) we are thinking about getting her a companion. We were looking on your website at the Golden Retrievers and have fallen in love. Both of our Golden’s names were Lady Ginger Bear, and we called the first one Ginger, and the second one Lady. So seeing Ginger on your website made us realize that getting a Golden Retriever puppy might be fate. I guess if you could let us know when Ginger is going to have a litter then we will get ready. Remi needs someone to run and play with.

P.S. We have attached some pictures to show you how absolutely beautiful Remi is. Thank you again for bringing us together. We love and adore her sooooo much!!!!!

Mary, Rick and Jordyn Stevenson



Attached is a photo of Toby at 2 years this month. Toby has been a great addition to the family and has come on like gang busters this fall.

Bill Peterson


Bell is a very spunky girl….not intimidated by the big dogs at all!!! I have to watch them all because she likes to chew on them and her teeth are like little needles. She is doing fabulous and we are thrilled with her (only we are tired…haha!)
For the most part, she is going potty outside and is able to wait a couple hours before she needs to go out again. (your puppy door was a great start!!) She loves to play fetch and by watching the other dogs, (she eats right next to them) she whoa’s for her food. She is SMART!!!

I’ll pass your kiss on to Bell and hope you have a wonderful day!

Belle is lean, tall, and strong….vet thinks she amazingly healthy and she calls her our athlete. We picked up some birds last week and again this week and on Valentine’s day morning, she pointed for Steve…yay!! He’s thrilled!

We have a long way to go still but it’s a start!

Christine Selep

Hi Daisy,

I’ve been wanting to update you on the English Pointer we got from you last summer. We named her Maude and she is every bit as sassy as the TV character we named her after. She is an energetic girl, but very smart and took to potty training almost immediately. We don’t use her for hunting (much to her dismay), but she does point out every bird and rabbit in our yard as well as our cat. She is incredibly social and loves people and other dogs. When people ask which dog is ours at the dog park we point out the white blur running around chasing other dogs. We’ve gotten a lot of confused looks by people when we tell them we have an English Pointer as a house dog, but we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Thanks for a great dog!
Adrianne Gerkhardt and Andy Kajmowicz


Dear Daisy,

I have meant to contact you much earlier.  Couldn’t resist after this morning and being out with Maggie and catching this point on camera.  She has added so much to our lives and is loved by all.  We now wonder what we would do without her. We wanted to do a testimonial but didn’t know how to leave pictures.

Maggie continues to be an outside dog, except when the weather was bad this winter.  Katie our daughter had a horrible car accident (pelvic and spinal fractures) 2 weeks ago with the freezing rain and Maggie is her companion now.  She comes in with Kate and then wants to go back outside.  It is amazing that Maggie knows to be gentle with Kate. She is so smart and beautiful.  We constantly get comments on how beautiful her face and body are.

Thank you for working with us when we wanted a puppy.  We may get another soon.

Gregg, Terri, and Katie O’Brien


Dear Daisy,

You might not remember everyone who purchases dogs from you, but I will always be a loyal customer.  We purchased an english pointer from you I think it was July or August 2011.  Her name is Kia and she’s only about 6mo old.  Well let me tell you she is one of the best pheasant dogs.  Especially for being so young.  When my husband goes hunting he’s not out in the field too long because Kia gets him his limit in about 15 minutes when other hunters and dogs are out for a few hours.  It was pouring last week when my husband and Kia went hunting and no one was getting any birds, but Kia and my husband were done in less than 30 minutes in the pouring rain. I just wanted to say thanks.

Judy Noorzad

Dear Daisy,

It’s been already a year since we picked up Jack from you. You may remember him better by the name of Charlie.
He has been doing really well all this time, healthy energetic and fit. He has picked up quite a lot of training, I am no professional trainer, I put in practice common training practices and he has learned a lot.
I have not taken him hunting yet but he knows his birds and the basic commands, he is relentless in seeking pointing and chasing birds. Mallards, robyns, swallows whatever. In the house he does really well in the crate, was house trained in a matter of a couple weeks, has never growled or barked at anyone. He respects all of us.
All neighbors love him, he is joyful and eager to play with everyone.
I say he is a bull in a china shop, his stamina and energy are impressive!
Than you again for being such a honest and professional breeder in our area, I have been spreading the word and also met another owner of a Winkelman’s dog.
Keep up the good work!



Have not seen you and Joe in a while. Still training a few days a week. Attached are some photos from the past year. Goose will be 2 years old in a couple of months. He had his first placement in an amateur field trial. 2nd in the amateur shooting dog class. Cannot wait to find him a brace mate. Talk to you soon.

Mike Roper


Started & Finished Dogs

Daisy, let me start by saying we couldn’t be happier with Max. I have hunted him numerous times this season and he is doing a fantastic job. Last Saturday, while hunting a pine land in SC he sailed past a huge old pine tree and spun around and pointed flat on the ground in a semi crouched position. When the single flushed, Max sprung into the air and caught him about 4 feet off the ground! He is part of our family, sleeps curled up by our bed in “his chair” and has been a real joy. Sallie, my bride, refers to him as a “lover”, as all he wants to do when he is inside is be patted. He is listening real well, always comes when called, works real close, checks back and finds tons of birds. Please give my best to Joe.


Re: Butterscotch

Wow, what a great dog. Just wanted to give you a little update also I have some photos I will send to you. Butterscotch has been excellent (and mom did not want another dog!). Her behavior at home is outstanding, she is a very sweet dog. Now, Jeff has taken her to the farm (30 min from our house) and he says she is a different dog. Runs for all she is worth and they hunted dove on Saturday morning. She loves it out there. Passive dog turns wild at the farm!
Today we are all laughing, Jeff ran to the hardware store and she ran from window to window, door to door checked all the rooms, she knows he’s missing and wants to know where he went (we think, she thinks he left her and went to the farm!). So we had our son take her for a walk. Butterscotch joins, Cinnamon (our 11 yr old Cockapoo, son Jack 13, daughter Morgan 16, who loves her dearly, Mom Deb older than dirt, and Jeff who you met at pick up).We will keep you posted…she is a delightful dog and will fit right in.
Hi Daisy!

Just a little report on Butter (I call her Peanut Butter sometimes)…she’s been dove hunting and is headed to South Dakota with the boys in a couple of weeks.

This morning we had a big disappointment. Jeff had to take me to an outpatient procedure and poor Butter thinks every time that truck starts she’s headed to the farm. Oh the tears!

She’s a great dog and couldn’t ask for better behavior. I had a leg procedure done so she will be my physical therapist this week, with regular walks. Additionally our daughter Morgan is looking into possibly putting her through the Angel Dog program at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital here in Lincoln. She has the perfect personality as a therapy dog and I’m sure she would enjoy the visits as much as the patients would enjoy seeing her.

Hope this finds you well… Butterscotch is adjusting just fine and loves the kids. She looks forward to their return from school each day.


Deborah Dilbeck

German Wirehairs

Hi Daisy,

This is Jeanine & Daryl Garner from Taylorville, IL. We purchased the red collared female German Wirehaired Pointer pup last Nov. I have been meaning to let you know how our puppy is doing. We named her “Kimber”. She is doing great. We absolutely love her. She has been 1 of the easiest dogs to housebreak. I must say she has been a learning curve. Lot different temperament than our German Shorthairs in the past. It is hard to correct her when she is bad, because I am always laughing at her because of the expressions she gives you. That wiry face is just too darn cute. We have been taking her to obedience and conformation classes. She is a very fast learner. Everyone loves her. She doesn’t know a stranger. She’s almost too friendly. Although she is starting to be a little watch dog and barking when people come up the drive.

Daryl took her hunting with him 3 times this past winter. She mostly just ran around and tried to keep up with the big dogs. The last time she went, Daryl said she found a dead bird that the other dogs had missed. I thought that was a good start for a 3 month old puppy. She is not gun shy at all. She sits and watches us when we shoot the pistols. Is doesn’t faze her a bit. Daryl shoots blackbirds, etc. around here and she will retrieve them. It’s funny to watch her pointing the robins and other birds, even the cat occasionally. I think she will be a fine hunting dog as she matures.

We had our first conformation dog show April 21st at Terre Haute, IN. All she wanted to do was play with the judge every time he walked up to examine her. So far she has been shown 4 times and all the judges have been very good with her. She is slowly getting better about standing still. Depending how she is doing, we may enter a show in July up by Rockford. Will let you no if we do or not. We are going to a UKC show this weekend in Peoria. Will see how that goes.

A friend of ours has 3 GWP CH’s. He saw her and loved her temperament. He also thinks I should be able to get her finished, if I can get to shows with enough dogs entered to get the points needed. So far we have 4 BOB’s, but no points as we were the only GWP entered. We should definitely get some experience this way I guess. lol. I think her coat is going to be the perfect length. Not much grooming other than her head and some slight body/feet touch up.

If you can’t tell, we really do love our pup. We are glad we found you guys and got the puppy we got. We will definitely recommend your dogs to other people. We both are sold on GWP’s and will probably never go back to GSP’s in the future.

I will try to keep in touch more often, so I don’t have to write a book next time.

Thanks so much for “Kimber”,
Jeanine & Daryl Garner

Love that face. Can you say too many toys? lol. This is only about 1/2 of them.
She loves balls. She has 4 outside that she plays with. All you have to
say is “Where’s the ball?” and she goes nuts until she finds one of them.

One of her many balls. She is so pretty. She gets along with Thor, the barn cat.

Kimber 1st show[3]
Winkelmans-Jneens Justa Krazy Kimber “Kimber” at her first show.
@ 6 1/2 months old.

Hi Daisy,

We have a GWP from the October 2012 litter. Ina is non-stop movement! We had her out bird hunting at 3 months – just letting her run with our english setter. She started pointing at about 5 months and retrieving not long after. She’s going to be quite the hunter and has a fantastic temperament. She loves people and other dogs – just have to be careful since she’s bouncy (gave me a black eye!). The big dog wasn’t too happy at first but now they are best buddies. Thanks for a great puppy. Karen and Kevin

Karen Quinlan
Champaign, IL.

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